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About Eternal Awakenings: how it all began, how the program works, and what life is like at EA.

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abby hess profile Hi Jim! I came across these today for the first time in a long time, so I thought I'd share. During my time at EA (October - December '08), Yvette had us make posters from magazine clippings about our lives while using vs. where we wanted to be. This was mine. In the 'using' poster I used words like 'escape', 'going to die', 'stories of struggle', etc. In my 'recovery/after poster, some of the words I used were 'NEW', 'down but not out', 'restore.return.relive' and 'rebuilt.reinvented'. I was there with Tim and Penny, Evan, Robert, Kathleen, Nicola, etc., so it's been a while. After 6 full years I've never gone back, even when some didn't believe I could do it (and rightfully so at the time). So I wanted to say thank you for all you, Karla and Yvette did for me while there.

A little side note... I came to EA from North Carolina, knowing no one from TX but loving it while I was there. Fast forward 6 years... I'm married to an awesome Godly man, have 2 wonderful daughters (my oldest was 2 when I was at EA), and I live in Bastrop, TX! Everyday, I drive by the doctor's office and Starbucks coffee shop that I (frequently) visited while with you guys. The Lord most definitely works in mysterious ways! Haha! Anyway, thank you again for all you did for me and continue to do for others! I pray God blesses you ten-fold for the investment you've put into others' lives!

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