A Guide To Intervention

Give your Family Member, Friend or Associate the Help they Need

Intervention is designed for chemically dependent people who do not want help, or for chemically dependent people who believe that they do not have a problem.

The concept of an intervention comes from Dr. Vern Johnson, an Episcopal priest who was a recovered alcoholic. Through research and experience, Vern Johnson came to believe that it was not necessary for an addicted person to “hit rock bottom” before getting help. Dr. Johnson believed there was a better way than the loss of everything to “hit bottom.” Instead, Dr. Johnson believed a bottom is “created” by the family, friends, associates or employer as they follow a prescribed format to help their chemically dependent person seek help through treatment.

Working together in unison, as a group, to a point at which they can effectively and constructively confront the dependent person, intervention interrupts the progression of the disease of alcoholism, before it completely destroy’s the alcoholic’s life.

This approach, created in the early sixties, continues as a successful and widely used method to this day. Jim Welch, Co-founder and CEO of Eternal Awakenings Christian rehab, has conducted many successful interventions over the last thirty-three years.

A well designed and executed intervention can be extremely effective in getting your family member, friend or associate the help they need, and possibly save the life of the ones you care about. Please seek an Intervention Professional in your area to assist in providing the support and guide needed to execute a proper and well thought out intervention. If you would like more information, please feel free to download “A Guide to Intervention” by clicking the link below.

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