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Christian rehab centers offer a unique approach to addiction recovery by focusing on the power of community and fellowship. At Eternal Awakenings, a Christian-based rehab center in Gonzales, TX, we understand the importance of surrounding individuals with a supportive community that shares their faith. Get in touch with us today to learn more. Read on as we explore why community and fellowship are vital in Christian rehab centers.

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Embarking on the journey to addiction recovery can be a challenging and transformative experience. At Eternal Awakenings, a Christian-based rehab center in Gonzales, TX, we understand the many complexities of addiction recovery and are dedicated to supporting individuals through their journey toward healing. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help, get in touch with us today. Here's what you can expect during your journey to addiction recovery.

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Addiction is a powerful force that can consume individuals and impact every aspect of their lives. While there are many approaches to overcoming addiction, one that has proven to be effective is the application of Christian principles. At Eternal Awakenings, a Christian-based rehab center in Gonzales, TX, we believe that the power of faith and spirituality can play a significant role in the recovery process. Contact us today to learn more. Here's why Christian principles are effective in overcoming addiction.


  • There are people who wonder, “Why should church attendance be required as part of my rehab program?” Here at Eternal Awakenings, we offer Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation to people from all over the nation, and one of the elements that we’ve strategically included in our program is church attendance. In our last blog post, we covered four of these reasons, and today, we’ll be covering four more. Attending church is not a random or unrelated part of your recovery. In fact, we’ve intentionally made Living Waters Fellowship an integral part of the treatment that our...


  • Going through rehab is an important and valuable step to get the help you need for your addiction. However, not everyone attends a Christian rehab program, and not every program includes church attendance. If you haven’t had much exposure to church in the past (or if you have had a bad experience with a church), it is understandable if the word “church” makes you feel slightly apprehensive. Here at Eternal Awakenings, we include church attendance as part of our Christian rehab program for drugs and alcohol. Curious to know why? Here are eight reasons why church attendance is a valuable part of your journey towards sobriety. Today, we’ll cover the first four, and in our...


  • In the last blog post from our Christian addiction rehab program in Gonzales, TX, we covered some of the things that you should expect to find when attending a faith-based residential rehab like the one at Eternal Awakenings. It is our goal for you to feel comfortable and alleviate your anxieties by gaining an awareness of what kind of program you’ll be attending.

    The flip side of what you should expect to find is that there are always other things that you should NOT expect to find. These things are uncharacteristic of the love of Christ and reflect that the program is not being run in a way that is healthy. If you find any of these factors in a rehab program, do not attend that rehab.

    1. Manipulation Or Coercion As A Way To Get People To Perform

    When people...


  • Attending drug rehab is a big step, and it can come with apprehensions, fears, and misgivings. One of the best ways to relieve your anxiety about taking the step of attending a residential rehab program is to understand what to expect. If you’re unfamiliar with Christianity or don’t know what a faith-based rehab program involves, it will help to inform yourself beforehand what you will experience. Here are some things you should expect to find when you attend a Christian-based rehab program.

    Things You Should Expect In Faith-Based Rehab1. Bible Study

    The Bible is the main text for Christians, and we consider it to be more than just good advice — we believe that it’s God’s Word. Therefore, it is the supreme authority in a Christian’s life, and it shows us how we...


  • With so many choices out there for drug and alcohol rehab programs, you may be sorting through them, wondering which one to choose. Should you go with residential addiction treatment or an outpatient option? Should you choose one that’s local or far away? And how do you know that it will be the kind of treatment that will work for your or your loved one?

    One of the big choices in this area is whether or not to choose a Christian drug rehab center. Does faith in Jesus make any difference? We believe it does. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a Christian rehab program for your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

    1. Christian...


  • (And How To Up Your Chances That It WILL Work)

    In the last blog post from our residential drug and alcohol rehab program in Texas, we looked at three of the reasons why drug abuse treatment doesn’t always work. If you’re like most people, you want to attend a program that actually does work, and you want to be rewarded for your efforts to stay clean and sober by tasting that success. Here are some more reasons why treatment sometimes doesn’t work, with some pointers for how you can use that knowledge to protect yourself from falling into the same trap that others have fallen into.

    4. Your Treatment Didn’t Last Long Enough

    There is a difference between...


  • (And How To Up Your Chances That It WILL Work)

    The point of drug abuse treatment is to help you to become sober and stay sober. However, if you’ve ever been to rehab and relapsed, or if you’ve known someone who has, you know that it doesn’t always work. No one wants to waste their time on something that doesn’t work, so let’s take a look into some of the most common reasons that drug rehab fails to make a lasting difference. We’ll also list some of the things that you can do to ensure that these things won’t be obstacles to your recovery.

    1. You Don’t Want To Be There

    People end up in rehab for many different reasons, but just finding yourself in a rehabilitation program doesn’t mean that you will emerge rehabilitated. If you don’t want to be there, you will have...


  • Heroin addiction is no joke, and when you want to leave your addiction behind, you don’t want to bother with treatment that won’t work. Does Christian rehab work? Yes! Here at our Christian drug and alcohol rehab center in Texas, we have worked with many heroin addicts over the years who have succeeded in becoming—and staying—sober. They have discovered genuine recovery, lasting freedom, and abundant life in Christ. So what is it about Christian rehab that works for recovery from heroin or any other addictive substance? In this blog post we’d like to explore a few of the reasons why we think that Christian addiction treatment works.

    Drugs Don’t Discriminate. You Need A Rehab That Doesn’t, Either.

    No matter what family background or socioeconomic status you come...


  • Eternal Awakenings is a Christian-based drug and alcohol rehab center in Texas, and we have a long-standing track record of helping people to recover permanently from their addiction. While you definitely don’t have to be a Christian in order to attend our residential rehabilitation program, we do believe that the Christian faith plays an intrinsic part in helping our clients to find freedom from addiction to drugs or alcohol.

    However, you may be wondering just how Christian faith is supposed to help. Perhaps you’re thinking something along these lines: “C’mon, sure, I need to kick my addiction to the curb. But I sure don’t see how adding a whole bunch of rituals like church attendance, Bible reading, and prayer is...


  • When you are looking for substance abuse treatment, you may wonder if an inpatient (or residential) center is right for you. If you are weighing the decision between whether to go to a program where you live on site or one where you stay off-site, we’d like to highlight some of the benefits that you receive when you live at the facility where you’re getting your treatment. Eternal Awakenings offers on-site, residential substance abuse treatment for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, and we’ve seen these benefits firsthand.

    However, please keep in mind that while we will be exploring the benefits of attending a program like ours, your circumstances may be different and what’s best for one person isn’t necessarily best for another. The decision to attend an inpatient...


  • When you are looking for help for your drug or alcohol addiction, you’ll quickly discover that there are many drug rehab facilities that offer treatment all over the country. So where should you go? Does it make a difference if you attend a rehab program that is local versus one that is at a significant distance from you?

    The short answer is, it depends. For some people, it might be better to attend a local rehab center. For others, it might be better to attend a program that’s far away. Here are some tips from our residential addiction recovery center in Texas on the pros and cons of attending rehab close by versus far off.

    Attending A Local Rehab CenterPros

    • You don’t have to travel a long way to get to treatment.
    • Your family, friends, and...

  • Don’t we all wish that it was just as easy to escape a drug addiction as it was to get addicted in the first place? How is it that the road to addiction is so effortless, beguiling, and easy, while the road away from addiction is so difficult? Just like it’s easy to run down a hill but tiring to run back up it, you can’t expect that walking away from your addiction will be a simple reversal of the steps you took to get there. However, there is help to be found for your drug or alcohol addiction. Eternal Awakenings is a Christian drug rehab center in Gonzales, TX, and we offer residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Here are some of the stages that we’ve seen people pass through on the way to recovery.

    1. Denial

    When you don’t know you’re addicted, you...


  • Eternal Awakenings is a Christian drug rehab program, and sometimes, people are not sure if that means that you have to be a Christian to attend here. Can an unbeliever attend our faith-based drug rehabilitation center?

    The short answer is yes. Anyone is welcome, and you do NOT have to be a Christian to enroll, participate in our program, or graduate.

    However, we’d like to talk more in depth about this and answer some of the questions you may have about whether faith-based drug rehabilitation might be right for you if you’re not religious or don’t believe in Christ.

    Will I Have To Become A Christian As Part Of Your Program?

    No. While our teaching is distinctively Christian, we do not expect or require that you accept or believe the Christian message....


  • Drug rehab is an important step for people who know they will struggle to get—and stay—sober on their own. Most people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol will need some kind of help to walk away from it, and an on-site residential rehab program is a good way to accomplish that. However, when you are faced with a choice between a Christian drug rehab and a secular one, you might wonder what is the difference and whether there any pros to going with a Christian program. Here are some points that our Christian drug rehab center in Gonzales, TX would like to share with you for the benefits you’ll receive when you attend Christian rehab.

    1. You Will Have God To Help You With Your Addiction.

    While you are going through your rehab treatment, you have the staff to help...


  • If you are looking into treatment for drug abuse for yourself or a loved one, you may be wondering to yourself, “Yeah, but does that really work? Is it just a bunch of psycho-babble and gobbledy-gook that doesn’t actually do anyone any good?” We don’t blame you a bit if you’re skeptical of the results you can expect when you enroll in on-site drug or alcohol rehab. However, in our more than 20 years of experience, the staff at Eternal Awakenings has seen that it actually works. We are committed to not just offering treatment; we are after the outcome that our guests are searching for, and that is sustained recovery, even after they leave the program.

    Every program and approach is slightly different, so we can’t speak for the success of every method out there. However,...


  • Heroin recovery is difficult but possible. When you embark on the journey, you might have a mixture of determination, excitement, regret, and dread about what the journey will entail, and that’s understandable. No one typically wants to voluntarily go through pain, and the reputation of detoxing from heroin is strong enough to make many people opt to just stay addicted.

    But not you! You’ve seen how heroin robs from you, not just possessions and comforts, but even the lives of those who are nearest and dearest to you. You’re willing to travel all the way through this journey at any cost.

    The journey will not be easy, but if you have a firm and accurate idea of what it will entail, you’ll be able to say to yourself, “OK, I’m in this stage of recovery. This is normal....


  • Most people who become addicted to cocaine will need help to get away from it. Cocaine addiction is powerful, and if you let it, it will rob from you. One by one, the things that are precious to you in life will begin to be stripped away.

    • Close-knit relationships with your loved ones.
    • Your ability to hold down a job.
    • Stable housing.
    • Knowing where your next meal is coming from.
    • Your brain’s ability to correctly process chemicals.
    • Your health.

    As with any drug, the pleasure the drug offers is a fraudulent source of help for what you’re going through. It says to you, “Here, I can give you a moment of euphoria and bliss so that you can escape the pain of what you’re feeling.” But what you don’t see is all the...


  • Have you tried to break your drug or alcohol addiction, and nothing is working?
  • Have you done what you could on your own, and even sought outside help, only to discover that you keep falling back into the same old patterns?
  • Have you started to give up hope that true recovery is even possible?

If you have tried to stay sober and live free of your addiction, but just haven’t figured it out, inpatient substance abuse treatment may be for you. This is a strategy that removes you from your typical surroundings and gives you a protected environment, strategic counseling, and a new start. These things can all make a difference in making sure that your addiction rehab really works, and that’s why Eternal Awakenings (EA) offers a residential treatment program...


Looking for help to escape an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Our local rehab program in Gonzales, TX offers help and hope to those who are struggling to walk away from an addiction. Located in a beautiful historic mansion in the heart of the Gonzales community, our center provides help, resources, and rehabilitation to people from anywhere in the United States. Here are some of the services that we offer to our guests.

1. Christian-Based Residential Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Eternal Awakenings (EA) provides an on-site program for men and women at our facility here Gonzales. When you enroll in our rehab program, you’ll live in a warm, family setting and participate in our daily schedule. It is our goal and our...


When you are looking for help for your drug addiction, it’s important to pursue your recovery with everything you’ve got. This means getting the treatment that will be a good for you and result in a good outcome, and it means leaving no stone unturned in your journey towards sobriety.

There are many different techniques, procedures, methods, and programs out there, and the most successful approaches usually implement a combination of more than one strategy. These strategies frequently center around the mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects of your addiction, and one of the things that often gets overlooked is your physical fitness. However, we don’t think that your physical fitness should be a second priority in your drug or alcohol addiction recovery.

Here at Eternal...


Drug addiction is hard to escape from. Society doesn’t know what to do with it. The courts are at a loss for making a difference. Your family has probably thrown up their hands, helpless to know how to address it. Counseling, psychology and behavioral health services may help, but don’t offer everything needed for recovery. Even the medical community, despite all the advances in modern science, doesn’t have a true cure but simply offers more medication to alleviate your symptoms and cravings.

Successful drug rehabilitation requires a combination of all the available methods in order to truly set you free and give you a new chance at life. If you go the secular treatment route, it’s still possible for you to see true progress and achieve sobriety. However, if you leave...


Addiction is strong. Getting away from it is hard. The cravings are intense. And sometimes you just need someone to come alongside you for a period of time and help you to keep from using.

When you turn to a Christian drug rehab center for that help, you’ll usually find Bible-based teaching in a sober environment. However, anyone who has ever been in a church or spent time in close proximity to Christians knows that not everyone who names the name of Christ has behavior that lines up with Christ’s standard. This holds true for Christian drug rehab centers just as much as anywhere else. How do you know, when you’re entering into a faith-based environment, whether it’s going to be genuine or hypocritical? Here are a few of the things we would suggest that you look for in order to...


If you are looking for a drug abuse treatment program for yourself or for a loved one, it can be a bewildering process to distinguish between all the different choices that are out there. When every program claims to be the best drug rehab center or have the most effective recovery model, how do you sort through all the clutter to find what will truly be the best fit for you?

The first thing that you should do is to sit down and think about your goals, your “why” for attending rehab in the first place. Do you know your own reasons for enrolling in treatment? Do you have a clear picture of the endgame, the outcomes that you want? Knowing this can help you to narrow down your choices once you get the answers to the questions you’ve asked.

Here are some questions we’d suggest...


Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope that you will find useful, edifying, and helpful articles here. We plan to write on addiction recovery from drugs and alcohol from a Christian perspective, with the premise that true and lasting recovery is possible. Please check back often for news, articles, and motivational content related to walking away from an addiction.

If you are in need of substance abuse counseling and rehabilitation, please contact us for more information about our residential drug and alcohol treatment in a beautiful historic mansion in Gonzales, TX. We would love to speak with you and help you to discover if Eternal Awakenings would be a good fit for you.

Thank you again for reading!