4 Benefits Of Christian Drug Rehab

  • Drug rehab is an important step for people who know they will struggle to get—and stay—sober on their own. Most people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol will need some kind of help to walk away from it, and an on-site residential rehab program is a good way to accomplish that. However, when you are faced with a choice between a Christian drug rehab and a secular one, you might wonder what is the difference and whether there any pros to going with a Christian program. Here are some points that our Christian drug rehab center in Gonzales, TX would like to share with you for the benefits you’ll receive when you attend Christian rehab.

    1. You Will Have God To Help You With Your Addiction.

    While you are going through your rehab treatment, you have the staff to help you, counsel you, and guide you through all of the twists and turns of your recovery. However, after you leave, you’ll no longer have people at your side. What happens then? If you have come to know God in the course of your treatment, you’ll have someone who will never leave you or forsake you, someone who is always available, and someone who will give you strength that you don’t have.

    Even if you have a church background and know a lot of the Bible, you might not know how to access God’s help in time of need, and a Christian rehab program can help to show you the way to do that.

    2. The Staff Will Have Lives That Line Up With Their Words.

    One of the most discouraging things to encounter anywhere, but especially in a rehab program, is staff who are unfriendly, unhelpful, jaded, and not caring—or worse, people whom you suspect are using on the side. We don’t think that all staff at all non-Christian programs are this way, and probably all of them have at least some staff members who are full of love and care and joy in their jobs. However, you’ve probably run into people like this over the course of your journey, and you already know you want to avoid them if possible. if you’re in rehab and you can’t respect the staff, you’ll struggle to make as much progress as you should in your recovery.

    In Christian drug treatment, the staff will typically be people who are following Jesus and receiving from him the life-giving joy and love to pour out continually to others. No, they won’t be perfect, and yes, they will have bad days, too, but the overall tenor of their lives will be one of consistency. You’ll find a higher concentration of these people in a Christian rehab.

    3. You’ll Be Introduced To A New Way Of Living.

    No one at a Christian drug rehab program will be required to adopt the Christian faith, but you will be introduced to it. You’ll have the chance to explore and discover a new lifestyle, a new framework from which to operate, and a new way of dealing with life’s pain and trauma. You’ll have the chance to both understand it intellectually and see examples of what it looks like when people live it out. You’ll also have the chance to accept it for yourself and walk with Christ in victory over your addiction. Entering the Christian life is truly like entering a completely different realm, but we think you’ll agree it is worth it. If the way your parents raised you hasn’t worked, and if the way that society has taught you to live hasn’t worked either, why not try living the way Jesus would show you to live?

    4. Your Treatment Will Draw From The Best Secular And Religious Knowledge Available.

    Secular drug treatment can offer you a wide gamut of services, but they’re limited to just what’s secular. Often, if they incorporate anything faith-based, they stand to risk losing their funding. Christian drug treatment, on the other hand, is free to draw from all the things that the secular community finds effective, while also bringing to the table the religious elements that are effective.

    There are so many Biblical concepts to share, from how to access God’s power to the law of sowing and reaping to the wisdom of Proverbs that will allow anyone to identify and avoid common pitfalls. One of the best parts of the Christian faith is that it ministers to the heart. There is a sweeter satisfaction to be found in Christ than in the best high, and more true and lasting comfort in Christ than the most dulling intoxication.


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