Why Should You Consider A Christian Drug Rehab Center?

  • With so many choices out there for drug and alcohol rehab programs, you may be sorting through them, wondering which one to choose. Should you go with residential addiction treatment or an outpatient option? Should you choose one that’s local or far away? And how do you know that it will be the kind of treatment that will work for your or your loved one?

    One of the big choices in this area is whether or not to choose a Christian drug rehab center. Does faith in Jesus make any difference? We believe it does. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a Christian rehab program for your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

    1. Christian Drug Rehab Centers Believe That Recovery Truly Is Possible

    Many secular treatment centers do not necessarily believe that genuine recovery is possible. They may believe that improvement is possible, but they think that at the end of your life, you’ll still be a “recovering addict.”

    At most Christian addiction treatment programs, you’ll find that the rehab philosophy is completely different. We believe that true and complete recovery is possible.

    What’s the difference in outcomes between believing that something is possible and believing that it’s impossible? In both cases, you’re probably right. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even worse, if your treatment providers don’t believe it’s possible for you to be completely set free from addiction, then you might start believing it’s impossible, too. Sometimes you need other people to believe in you before you can dare to begin to believe in yourself.

    When you approach an addiction treatment program, ask them the question, “Do you believe that complete, genuine recovery from addiction is actually possible?” Listen for whether you get an immediate yes or a hesitant pause and then a lengthy explanation that never really answers the question.

    At the end of the day, you want attend a program that’s run by people who actually believe that the treatment works.

    2. Christian Drug Rehab Centers Address The “Whole You”

    Addiction doesn’t just affect a part of you. It affects the whole you. Therefore, your addiction treatment program should also address the whole you.

    • Addiction is in your brain, but it’s not only about your brain.
    • Addiction affects your physical health, but it’s not only about health.
    • Addiction affects your relationships, but it’s not only about fixing relationships.

    We could go on, but you get the point. Successful addiction recovery requires the rehab program to address you as a whole person.

    One aspect that a secular program can’t treat is the spiritual part of you, and this is where your Christian drug or alcohol rehab treatment will bring you significant benefits. Everyone has a spiritual part, and if the spiritual aspect of your being is unhealthy, then the rest of your life will be out of alignment. Christian treatment points you to Jesus to fill, repair, heal, and transform the spiritual part of you. When this happens, you suddenly realize that other parts of your life (that previously seemed un-solvable) also fall into place.

    Don’t settle for a program that can address everything except for the spiritual part of you. You don’t have to be a believer to attend a Christian addiction rehab. All you have to do is show up, have an open mind, and let the program do its work. You’ll be amazed at what it can mean for you.


3. Christian Drug Rehab Centers Provide You With More Than Just Willpower

It takes a lot of willpower, discipline, and determination to break an addiction. However, Christian and non-Christian sources alike are agreed that successful addiction recovery takes a lot more than just willpower. And Christian drug rehab offers you a way to discover how to obtain everything you need to live this life well.

Here’s an analogy. Pretend you’re an old car. Your engine is only firing on two cylinders. You are dented and rusted all over. There are cracks in your windshield, cracks in your headlights, cracks in one or two of the windows. Your tires are almost out of air (and leaking). You’ve got rips and stains on the seats, and you barely can putter along.

We all find ourselves there at some point in life. We discover our own weaknesses, flaws, inconsistencies, and failures.

What’s our natural reaction? We think we need to gradually fix up that old car. “I need somebody to tune up my engine, and beat out the dents, and give me a new paint job, and fix the windows one by one, and fill up my tires, and replace my upholstery. And all of that is going to take a really long time.” We envision working on our problem areas little by little until we are passable.

But what if somebody drove up in a shiny, expensive new car and said to you, “My car for yours.” Would you trade?

That is exactly what God offers you. He says, “My life for yours.” Jesus lived a perfect life, and he desires to impart that life to you when you give your life to him. Would you trade?

Christian addiction rehab explores what that trade looks like. When you attend Christian-based rehab, you’ll discover what it means to live a life that’s not just barely limping along, but instead, live a life that is powered by God himself. That will make a difference in more areas than just addiction.

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