1. 8 Reasons Why Church Attendance is Important as Part of Your Rehab (part 2)

    There are people who wonder, “Why should church attendance be required as part of my rehab program?” Here at Eternal Awakenings, we offer Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation to people from all over the nation, and one of the elements that we’ve strategically included in our program is church attendance. In our last blog post, we covered four of these reasons, and today, we’ll be cove…Read More

  2. 8 Reasons Why Church Attendance is Important as Part of Your Rehab (part 1)

    Going through rehab is an important and valuable step to get the help you need for your addiction. However, not everyone attends a Christian rehab program, and not every program includes church attendance. If you haven’t had much exposure to church in the past (or if you have had a bad experience with a church), it is understandable if the word “church” makes you feel slightly apprehensive. …Read More

  3. Why Should You Consider a Christian Drug Rehab Center?

    With so many choices out there for drug and alcohol rehab programs, you may be sorting through them, wondering which one to choose. Should you go with residential addiction treatment or an outpatient option? Should you choose one that’s local or far away? And how do you know that it will be the kind of treatment that will work for your or your loved one? One of the big choices in this area is wh…Read More

  4. 4 Benefits of Christian Drug Rehab

    Drug rehab is an important step for people who know they will struggle to get—and stay—sober on their own. Most people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol will need some kind of help to walk away from it, and an on-site residential rehab program is a good way to accomplish that. However, when you are faced with a choice between a Christian drug rehab and a secular one, you might wonder wha…Read More

  5. What to Look For In A Christian Drug Rehab Center

      Addiction is strong. Getting away from it is hard. The cravings are intense. And sometimes you just need someone to come alongside you for a period of time and help you to keep from using. When you turn to a Christian drug rehab center for that help, you’ll usually find Bible-based teaching in a sober environment. However, anyone who has ever been in a church or spent time in close proximity …Read More