1. Why Do Christians Think Jesus Helps With Cocaine Addiction?

    Eternal Awakenings is a Christian-based drug and alcohol rehab center in Texas, and we have a long-standing track record of helping people to recover permanently from their addiction. While you definitely don’t have to be a Christian in order to attend our residential rehabilitation program, we do believe that the Christian faith plays an intrinsic part in helping our clients to find freedom fro…Read More

  2. Is It Even Possible To Recover from Cocaine Addiction?

      Most people who become addicted to cocaine will need help to get away from it. Cocaine addiction is powerful, and if you let it, it will rob from you. One by one, the things that are precious to you in life will begin to be stripped away. Close-knit relationships with your loved ones. Your ability to hold down a job. Stable housing. Knowing where your next meal is coming from. Your brain’s ab…Read More