1. Things You Should NOT Expect At Faith-Based Rehab

    In the last blog post from our Christian addiction rehab program in Gonzales, TX, we covered some of the things that you should expect to find when attending a faith-based residential rehab like the one at Eternal Awakenings. It is our goal for you to feel comfortable and alleviate your anxieties by gaining an awareness of what kind of program you’ll be attending. The flip side of what you shoul…Read More

  2. What to Expect When You Attend Faith-Based Drug Rehab

    Attending drug rehab is a big step, and it can come with apprehensions, fears, and misgivings. One of the best ways to relieve your anxiety about taking the step of attending a residential rehab program is to understand what to expect. If you’re unfamiliar with Christianity or don’t know what a faith-based rehab program involves, it will help to inform yourself beforehand what you will experie…Read More

  3. Can an Unbeliever Attend Faith-Based Drug Rehabilitation?

    Eternal Awakenings is a Christian drug rehab program, and sometimes, people are not sure if that means that you have to be a Christian to attend here. Can an unbeliever attend our faith-based drug rehabilitation center? The short answer is yes. Anyone is welcome, and you do NOT have to be a Christian to enroll, participate in our program, or graduate. However, we’d like to talk more in depth abo…Read More

  4. What Difference Does Faith-Based Treatment Make for Drug Rehabilitation?

      Drug addiction is hard to escape from. Society doesn’t know what to do with it. The courts are at a loss for making a difference. Your family has probably thrown up their hands, helpless to know how to address it. Counseling, psychology and behavioral health services may help, but don’t offer everything needed for recovery. Even the medical community, despite all the advances in modern scie…Read More