1. 5 Benefits to Living On-Site For Your Substance Abuse Treatment

    When you are looking for substance abuse treatment, you may wonder if an inpatient (or residential) center is right for you. If you are weighing the decision between whether to go to a program where you live on site or one where you stay off-site, we’d like to highlight some of the benefits that you receive when you live at the facility where you’re getting your treatment. Eternal Awakenings o…Read More

  2. 5 Factors to Consider When Enrolling in Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

      Have you tried to break your drug or alcohol addiction, and nothing is working? Have you done what you could on your own, and even sought outside help, only to discover that you keep falling back into the same old patterns? Have you started to give up hope that true recovery is even possible? If you have tried to stay sober and live free of your addiction, but just haven’t figured it out, inp…Read More