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Eternal Awakenings Christian Drug Rehab – Houston, Texas

Eternal Awakenings Christian drug rehab facility is located in Gonzales, Texas, about 2.5 hours from Houston. Over the years we have helped many people from the Houston metropolitan area with their recovery needs. It is truly a blessing when people come to our Christian drug rehab facility from nearby locations because their loved ones can easily be a part of the healing process.

The third Saturday of every month is family weekend at Eternal Awakenings. Friends and family are encouraged to attend group counseling with their loved one starting at 10:00 AM. The group usually breaks for lunch giving families time alone away from the Christian rehab facility. Family weekend can be tremendously beneficial to the Christian recovery process for all who participate.

Families from the Houston Texas that attend family weekend area are also welcome to attend Christian Recovery Testimony Night on Friday evening and Living Waters Fellowship worship service on Sunday morning. Eternal Awakenings Christian drug rehab believes that by exposing our clients to real world situations with their friends and family, they see what challenges they will face when they return home. Our clients get a chance to use their Christian recovery skills that they have learned in group in real situations. Real world application is critical to any Christian drug rehab program. It is always easier to understand the recovery principles that are taught during group than it is to use them in difficult situations when feelings and emotions are involved. Clients who participate in our Christian rehab family weekend get a chance to process the experience in group on Monday, after their families have left. The experience is usually a blessing for everyone involved.

We encourage families that live in Houston, Texas to come and tour our drug rehab center. Our admissions workers are able to set up appointments for tours and interviews. Touring of our Christian rehab facility prior to admission often helps people feel more comfortable about their choice.

Please visit our home page and look through our web site. If you would like more information about our treatment program, please contact the Eternal Awakenings Christian Drug rehab treatment center.


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Directions from Houston, Texas to Eternal Awakenings Christian Drug Rehab

  1. I-10 W via the ramp to San Antonio 119 mi
  2. Take exit 649 for TX-97 W toward Gonzales 0.2 mi
  3. Turn left at TX-97 W 13.8 mi
  4. Continue onto Waelder Rd 1.1 mi
  5. Turn right at St Lawrence St 1.1 mi
  6. Turn left at St Paul St 0.1 mi
  7. 306 Saint Paul St. will be on left