32 Year Old Former Heroin Addict

 I struggled with addiction for twelve years before coming to Eternal Awakenings for treatment. Although I was a Christian, Heroin had become my master. Even when I wanted to stop using, I could not because of the physical withdrawl and the uncontrollable cravings. I descended into hopelessness and despair. I entered treatment in a state of complete brokenness.

The staff at Eternal Awakenings was very tender and supportive. An appointment with an addiction specialist enabled me to receive medication to help me through the withdrawl symptoms. I threw myself wholeheartedly into recovery and began searching for God with all my heart.

The counselors and staff provided me with the direction and encouragement I so desperately needed. Soon I began to see changes, and after ninety days of treatment I had been completely set free from the chains that had bound me for so many years.

I know that none of this would be possible without the grace and mercy of God or the guidance and support of His loving servants at Eternal Awakenings.

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