Prescription Pill Testimonial


Former Prescription Pill Addict From Baltimore

"After leaving Baltimore, I moved to Texas with 10 years clean. My back pain flared up and I went to the doctor and relapsed on prescription pain meds. My relapse cost me a separation from my wife, my children, my house and my sanity.

I had been in a 12 step fellowship and knew how to get clean. The problem was staying clean. I found Christ while at Eternal Awakenings and it all came together. The pride was taken away and replaced with love for others through Christ Jesus.

Today I have humility and work to help other addicts achieve long term sobriety. I have to have both Christ and 12 step meetings; they work together for an unbeatable solution. I’m back with my family, I’m working and I’ll have 1 year clean on October 10th, 2008.

Thanks be to God."

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