1. Symptoms You’ll Experience In Your Heroin Recovery Journey

    Heroin recovery is difficult but possible. When you embark on the journey, you might have a mixture of determination, excitement, regret, and dread about what the journey will entail, and that’s understandable. No one typically wants to voluntarily go through pain, and the reputation of detoxing from heroin is strong enough to make many people opt to just stay addicted. But not you! You’ve see…Read More

  2. Is It Even Possible To Recover from Cocaine Addiction?

      Most people who become addicted to cocaine will need help to get away from it. Cocaine addiction is powerful, and if you let it, it will rob from you. One by one, the things that are precious to you in life will begin to be stripped away. Close-knit relationships with your loved ones. Your ability to hold down a job. Stable housing. Knowing where your next meal is coming from. Your brain’s ab…Read More

  3. Services You’ll Find at Your Local Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

      Looking for help to escape an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Our local rehab program in Gonzales, TX offers help and hope to those who are struggling to walk away from an addiction. Located in a beautiful historic mansion in the heart of the Gonzales community, our center provides help, resources, and rehabilitation to people from anywhere in the United States. Here are some of the services tha…Read More

  4. What Difference Does Faith-Based Treatment Make for Drug Rehabilitation?

      Drug addiction is hard to escape from. Society doesn’t know what to do with it. The courts are at a loss for making a difference. Your family has probably thrown up their hands, helpless to know how to address it. Counseling, psychology and behavioral health services may help, but don’t offer everything needed for recovery. Even the medical community, despite all the advances in modern scie…Read More

  5. What to Look For In A Christian Drug Rehab Center

      Addiction is strong. Getting away from it is hard. The cravings are intense. And sometimes you just need someone to come alongside you for a period of time and help you to keep from using. When you turn to a Christian drug rehab center for that help, you’ll usually find Bible-based teaching in a sober environment. However, anyone who has ever been in a church or spent time in close proximity …Read More